Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the booth?

- The booths are usually 6' by 6' and about 7' tall.  But can be adjusted by request.

Are you licensed and Insured? 

- Yes, and we are insured up to $2M.

How long have you been in business? 

- We've been in the Photobooth industry for almost 10 years.

How long does set up take?

- We like to show up 2 hours prior to ensure everything works properly, however set up takes about 45 minutes.

Will there be an attendant the whole time?

- Yes, they are there for the duration of the rental period.

What areas do you service? 

- All of FL, GA, VA, MD, and PA

What is your cancellation policy?

- This is situational.  Our policy is all deposits are not refundable, but are transferable to another event for up to 6 months.  However, we take each situation as it comes and try to be fair based off the circumstances.

Do you offer discounts/ donate services? 

- Yes of course, just reach out and we can discuss options.

What size are the printouts?

- We offer a default 4x6 printout, but can make the 2x6 strips by request.

What is included?

- Everything you would need in a Photobooth.  We list our inclusions under our 'pricing' tab.

Can we add text or a logo?

- Yes, we can add anything you'd like us to.   The orientation, and addition of your text can be fully customized. 

Additional Questions?

Call/ Text 772.888.6005 or Email

Disclaimer: Allow up to 30 days (from the date of your event) to receive the free digital copies of your photos. Financial compensation cannot be given if digital photos are lost or damaged. Clients reserve the right to bring a (compatible) memory drive in order to take a copy of the photos, the day of the event.