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Having an event at the Hutchinson Island Marriott and want to rent a Photo Booth?


…We’ve been there once or twice

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Why Choose Us?

Photoboothing (not a real word) shouldn’t be a difficult process, but there seem to be so many choices out there - why choose us over someone else? Well, when we first start working with a new venue we like to reach out and offer our services at no charge for a few parties, this way we get familiar with the location and their staff. Which means now you don’t need to worry about all of the little details when it comes to the day of the event. We know when we should arrive considering local traffic, where to unload, who to talk to, and unless you specify, where we should set up. You don’t need to worry about us calling you while you get ready for your own party - we got this!

Our packages are all-inclusive, which means you don’t need to worry about adding a bunch of little things. And we have flat prices, which means we don’t charge for tax, travel, set up, break down, or a good time (…yeah I know). Another thing most people what to know is how much it’s going to cost them, scroll down to find out what we charge and what’s included.


Pricing & Inclusions

  • Prices are flat, we don’t charge for tax, travel, set up, or break down.

  • Deposit is $200, this comes out of your balance due. Remaining balance is due the night of the event.

  • We accept all credit and debit cards, checks, money orders, Cash apps, or cash for deposit as well as the final payment.

  • Customize your photo layouts & printouts by adding your own text & logo.

  • All inclusive (listed below) from the props to the attendant.

  • We arrive early for set-up and dress for success.


2 Hours     $400.00
3 Hours     $450.00
4 Hours     $500.00
5 Hours     $550.00


-Print up to 10 copies of each picture you take in the booth - everyone gets a copy!

-Unlimited printing throughout the event

-Get a copy of all of the photos taken, after the party

-A fun selection of props, average things like hats, sunglasses, pirate hooks, hot dog shaped hats, etc.

-The Camera looks great, and the camera is adjustable

-We have a few styles of ‘booth’ appearance - Closed, Open, or Backdrop

-We come set it up, stay with it, break it down, and leave with it

-Add any sort of logo or text to your printouts, everyone’s coming home with you now! (On the printouts)


How to Book

Booking is nice and easy. Reach out by email, call, or text to check availability and to ask any questions you might have. When you’re ready to take the next step we will email you our one-page contract. Return this signed by emailing it back, texting a photo of it, or by sending it via snail mail. After you send the contract to us we then need a $200 deposit, this comes out of your remaining balance (the balance is due the night of the event). You can make the deposit over the phone, through our website, by mailing a check, or by using a money app.

Once we have your contract and deposit you will be all set and locked in. Shortly after that Cody (our booking manager) will reach out to be your point of contact. He will ask you some questions about your expectations, and will eventually assign you an attendant from out team (when we get a bit closer to your party).


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