Hurricane Dorian Discount

Premium Party Booth runs discounts and promotions almost every month, this month we decided to switch things up a bit. We are very thankful the Hurricane didn’t hit South Florida with the intensity it could have (and our thoughts are with those who weren’t as lucky as we were). However, with such a big scare Floridians spent a ton of money preparing for the storm, and combined with the fact that most of us are out of work for a few days, budgeting is a bit more difficult than normal. In light of the frustrating financial situation most of us are in, we decided to drop our rates as low as possible.

The Discount

This month’s discount is by far the lowest we’ve ever gone, yet this still includes the same awesome inclusions and free set-up as always. Below is our “Dorian Discount” price sheet, tale a look and reach out with any questions. A full list of inclusions can be found under the ‘Pricing’ tab above.

The Dorian Discount

Photo Booth Prices Discount.png

What Next?

Make sure that you take advantage of this special offer, simply fill out the inquiry form below (or text us), and we will reach right out. We look forward to partying with you!


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